Continuous efficiency monitoring

"etahydro" is the brand of our solution for continuous efficiency monitoring in smart hydropower plants.

Continuous efficiency monitoring (etahydro)

Smart hydropower plants provide intelligent decision support.

Based on continuous acquisition of relevant data, the condition of a hydropower plant or of individual hydro machines can be recorded (condition monitoring). Analysis of this input allows to anticipate inspection decisions (predictive maintenance). In addition, "etahydro" provides data for trading and dispatching enabling detection of deviations from optimal operation. Knowing the current efficiencies optimum operation of the hydropower plant becomes possible and, for example, shut downs can be planed in case of high suspended sediment loads.

Finally, a cause and effect chain is available concerning the status of efficiency as well as an analysis of the history of the hydropower plant operation. Finally an expert knowledge base is built up and can be continuously expanded.

etaeval works closely together with Axpo in the field of continuous efficiency monitoring. Axpo is the largest hydroelectric power producer in Switzerland and has combined its activities in the field of digitalization of hydropower plants into the project "Hydro 4.0" (Hydro 4.0 bei Axpo).

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