Efficiency measurements require considerable efforts from the plant operator, especially the down-times of the machines are costly.
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On the one hand the technical know-how and the proper implementation of the efficiency measurements have to be elaborated and, on the other hand an efficiently performed measurement will help to minimize the downtime of the machines. The expertise of etaeval allows to perform targeted checks, needed to minimize the systematic and random measurement uncertainties during the efficiency testing.

Additional data acquired during the measurement of the efficiency provides added value (for example for calculating the individual losses of the water system). etaeval supports the costumer selecting additional signal from the control system for logging, which help analyzing the hydraulic system and validating the calculation of efficiency.

Our support is usually initiated with the kick-off meeting in the power plant. The preparation of the tests must be performed with great care, since a good preparation saves costly time on site. During the measurements, random checks of efficiency calculation are carried out. If a measurement according to the international standard of IEC 60041 is intended etaeval will insist that the requirements of the standards are executed following the standards. If conditions in the power plant do not allow measurements according the standards etaeval will provide its expertise in finding compromises acceptable to all parties. After completions of the measurements all relevant raw data will have to be handed out to etaeval GmbH. On the basis of these data and the report written be the third party measuring team etaeval will write a report summarizing the outcomes of the measurements and their quality.

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