Noise emission measurements

Noise emission guarantees are often part of contracts in case of new or revised hydraulic machines in hydro power or water supply plants.
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Noise emission measurements

etaeval offers measurements according to the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standard 60034 "rotating electrical machines - Part 9: noise limits". The measurement of sound pressure level is carried out with an integrating precision sound level meter by Norsonic. Here, mostly the "Abschreiten"method is applied, where the measurement data are continuously recorded during a runout to measuring machine. A further integral precision sound level meter by Brüel Kjær is measured statically at several measuring points to the machine of the sound pressure level. The establishment of two different processes with two different measuring systems allows validation of the results.

We measure the "noise level", the energy-equivalent continuous sound pressure level, and produce so the comparison with the guarantee values.

Properties of the noise emission measurement:

  • measurement of the energy equivalent continuous sound pressure level for pumps
  • turbines and electromechanical drives of all kinds
  • two measuring methods for mutual validation.
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